NAMG'S Real Property Services Division ("RPS")
can value your assets pre or post foreclosure, and provide you with critical property preservation and disposition services. NAMG's Real Property Services personnel understand that time is money and strive to provide clients with timely, accurate information to mitigate potential losses on portfolio assets.

Nationwide Services Include:
  • Interior and exterior Brokers' Price Opinions
  • Full and Drive-by Appraisals
  • Field and Desk Review Appraisals
  • Property Preservation, Maintenance and Repair
  • Property Disposition Services
  • Title and Closing Services

RPS' Property Disposition Standards

  • To immediately secure and value all referred properties.
  • To assign highly effective real estate brokers with superior track records.
  • To minimize holding time and limit repair/maintenance costs.
  • To provide extremely accurate cost recommendations.
  • To provide extensive exposure/advertising on all properties.
  • To secure qualified buyers in the shortest time possible.
  • To obtain the highest price possible relative to market and property conditions.
  • To effectively follow through on each escrow to reach a successful close.
  • To minimize clients' involvement in time-consuming details including telephone tracking, record keeping and coordinating various critical tasks.

RPS' Property Valuations Standards

  • To engage properly licensed/qualified valuations professionals.
  • To provide industry-standard information on both subject and comparable properties.
  • To provide excellent customer service and quality products at competitive prices.
  • To expedite the delivery and tracking of information utilizing technological advancements.