Loss Mitigation

HUD Foreclosure Information

Document Preparation Division ("DPD")

Modification, assignment and release preparation, nationwide document research, retrieval and national recordings are just some of the services provided by the Document Preparation Division. If you are involved in loss mitigation, portfolio transfers or payoffs, our Document Preparation Division can assist you.

Services Include:

  • Modification Agreement Preparation
  • Assignment and Release Preparation
  • Lost Document Research and Retrieval
  • Imaging
  • UCC Preparation & Filings
  • National Recording Services
  • Replacement Title Policies
  • Special Projects

Modification Division- Providing services from review and analysis of the terms and conditions directed by lender specifications. This service will also allow for verification of lien position via property reports, preparation, signing coordination and complete recording and tracking.

Electronic reporting, data retrieval teams, pool certification support, original signature and notary services and check writing services are all available to assist the lender in meeting time-sensitive obligations.

National Asset Management Group ("NAMG") also offers a solution to the mortgage lender in need of experienced people and time saving technology to review the integrity of loan file contents and obtain missing critical documents. At NAMG, we understand that lenders are busy making deals and want to look to an independent company to perform loan file reviews and document retrieval functions.

We describe our progress to our clients on periodic reports, via either paper or electronic format, and transmit completed orders on a schedule they design.

Upon request, NAMG will provide you with detailed specifications and information pertaining to each DPD product.