NAMG'S Document Preparation Division ("DPD")
offers a solution to the mortgage lender in need of experienced people and time saving technology to review the integrity of loan file contents and obtain missing critical information necessary to document preparation. At
NAMG, we understand that lenders are busy negotiating transactions and want to look to an independent company to perform required file related functions.

Nationwide Services Include:

  • Assignment and Release Preparation, Recording and Tracking
  • UCC Preparation
  • National Recording Services
  • Lost Document Retrieval
  • Special Projects
  • Conveyance Deed and Affidavit Preparation
  • Reconveyance Preparation and Recording

Assignment and release preparation, recording and tracking, and document research/retrieval are just some of the services provided by the Document Preparation Division. If you are involved in portfolio transfers or payoffs, DPD can assist you. DPD consistently monitors its documents to ensure compliance with all state and county recorder requirements. DPD provides original signature and notary services to assist lenders in meeting time-sensitive obligations. DPD reports its progress on periodic reports, via paper or electronic format, and ships completed orders on the client's predetermined schedule.

NAMG's Document Preparation Division is poised to handle bulk or flow assignments, or to support its clients through periods of unusually heavy work flow.

Upon request, NAMG will provide you with detailed specifications and information pertaining to each DPD product.