NAMG'S Default Administration Division ("DAD")
is positioned to take each defaulted loan from the loss mitigation stage, through the foreclosure process to successful REO closing. NAMG'S extensive, nationwide affiliate network provides its clients a single source for a broad range of services, nationally.

Nationwide Services Include:
  • Loss Mitigation Services
  • Foreclosure, Bankruptcy and Eviction Processing
  • Replevin and Retitling Services
  • Problem File Resolution Services

DAD continually monitors the performance and qualifications of its certified affiliates to ensure its clients the highest level of professional services in the industry.

During the pre-foreclosure & foreclosure process, DAD can order valuation products that can be used in conjunction with foreclosure bid amount analyses. Once the property reverts to the lender, DAD can refer the asset to NAMG's Real Property Services Division for appraisal and disposition. NAMG's Default Administration Division is truly a "cradle to grave" service provider for defaulted loans.

More detailed default administration materials available upon request. See "Products and Services" for a full menu of default services.